16/08/2015 10:00
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Life Membership for Roy Partridge and Bernd Oschmann

19/01/2022 14:19
On the 15th January 2022, at the Annual District Conference, two of our members were presented with the prestigious Life Membership award for their long support and organising over a long time. Roy Partridge, ex R.E.M.E. who has held every post in the legion except Chairman, and is now our Honorary...

The Breakfast Club

20/03/2022 12:32
The Breakfast Club, who have been going for a long while have had their last breakfast. On Wednesday 16 March 2022, the remaining members had a gathering in the Han Restaurant in Osnabrück for a final get together. Although the Breakfast Club is now no more, I am sure some members will be meeting...

The Royal British Legion 40th Anniversary 9 April 2022

26/04/2022 16:04
The Osnabruck branch of The Royal British Legion has had its own special anniversary recently. The Osnabruck branch was formed on 1 April 1982 and has seen a lot of members coming and going in the past 40 years.    To celebrate the anniversary, we had a party on the 9th April...