Can Germans join the Legion?

Yes, all nationalities are very welcome.

Who do we help?

You are eligible for our help if you are currently serving or who have previously served in the Armed Forces. You are also eligible if you are dependent on or care for someone who is currently, or who has previously served.

Do you only help old people?

No, people as young as 17.5 years can be sent on active service, so veterans are often much younger than people realise. Nearly a quarter of those we help now are below the age of 44.

Where does the money go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the money you donate when you wear a poppy?

We've built Follow the poppy, a fun, interactive experience to show how the Legion puts your donations to good use, helping the Armed Forces family.


You can read more about where your money goes here including our Annual Report.

No gift is too small. Whatever you give will help us carry on with our work. Follow this link to find out how to donate.

Sprechen wir auch Deutsch?

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