Life Membership for Roy Partridge and Bernd Oschmann

19/01/2022 14:19

On the 15th January 2022, at the Annual District Conference, two of our members were presented with the prestigious Life Membership award for their long support and organising over a long time.

Roy Partridge, ex R.E.M.E. who has held every post in the legion except Chairman, and is now our Honorary Vice president. He still participates in all aspects of the running and organising of the branch.

Bernd Oschmann, ex Bundeswehr, who was until recently our President. He has contributed to the good Deutsch-British relationship for many years and used to organise friendship challengers, like the annual canal boat race, between different nations. 

Our congratulations to these two men who epitomize the ideals of the Royal British Legion and hope they carry on there good work.