The Royal British Legion 40th Anniversary 9 April 2022

26/04/2022 16:04

The Osnabrück branch of The Royal British Legion has had its own special anniversary recently.

The Osnabrück branch was formed on 1 April 1982 and has seen a lot of members coming and going in the past 40 years. 
To celebrate the anniversary, we had a party on the 9th April 2022.
Two of our founder members are still here and were our honoured guests at this event; they are Mr. Roy Partridge (who is also a life member) and Mr. Dave Large. Both are still very active in the branch and can be relied upon to help out if need be, with their immense knowledge and experience. 
Our other guests were the RBL Germany Chairman, Mr. Robert Millar, the Mayor of Osnabrück, Herr Goertemöller, our retired Lawyer, Herr Graf and the twin town Ambassador from Derby, Ms Tavier Fairburn and other guests who have actively helped and supported the Royal British Legion Osnabrück, over the past number of years.
The event took place in "Die Scholle", which is a pub run by two of our members. They did us proud with a 3-course meal and music. As you can see in the photos they decorated their function room beautifully and with the Osnabrück Standard behind the top table.
Everbody agreed a great night was had by all, especially with our very own Pipes and Drums who performed for us, with a variety of their music.

We are glad to have so many members and guests turning up on the night and having a lovely evening to remember for many years to come, we now can't wait for the 50th anniversary!!